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Spring is in the air!

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Although you may still be feeling uncertain about the future, rest assured that York Mills Eye Care will be here for all your eye care needs as we have been for 30 years. That’s right, we are celebrating 30 years in the neighborhood! A milestone that we couldn’t have reached without support from you, our loyal

The saying goes “it takes a village to raise kin”. You, our patients have helped us grow and we want to say thank you for your unwavering support all these years. To start the party, we are offering 30% off selected frames with your next purchase of eyewear. ALL YEAR!!!

Since COVID began, some of you have told me that you are spending more time reading on digital devices. Libraries closing and offering more books digitally no doubt precipitated this fact. From my personal experience, I can recommend the Kobo Clara HD. It was gifted to a family member who loves it. It is easy to use and well suited to anyone, of any age, borrowing books from the

Maui Jim Trunk show!

Register to be invited to our private Maui Jim trunk show. Mark it in your calendar: Friday, June 3rd! The soirée will include a private viewing of the whole Maui Jim Sunglass and Ophthalmic collection. Door prizes +Drinks +Amuse bouche +Local loot bag take-aways.

Accepting new patients!

Did you know Dr. Vagners is accepting new patients? If someone you know requires a full comprehensive eye health exam, be sure to send them our way. We’d love to be their new primary eye health care provider and welcome them to the York Mills Eye Care family.

To show our appreciation, the referring patient will receive a gift from us and in-clinic incentives for every new patient seen. Let’s grow our family together!

We associate protecting our eyes from UV with wearing sunglasses in the summer. However, in the winter, there are still significant UV rays as well as glare caused by reflected sunlight which can make vision uncomfortable. Snow, ice and water amplify this debilitating glare off of all surfaces.

Driving in these conditions can cause you to squint, making it more difficult to look around and gather information on what is going on around your vehicle. It can also accelerate the onset of eye fatigue if you’re driving for long periods. This type of eye strain could also result in headaches.
These symptoms can remain even after you have stopped driving, making other visual tasks such as texting, reading or using your computer more challenging. When you relax your eyes during one visual experience it allows them to be more relaxed and better able to perform other visual tasks later on.

There is a simple way to protect your eyes and help them feel good – wear a quality pair of driving glasses or sunglasses.

Allow us to assist you in making your life better!

Written by Dr. Vagners

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