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Colour Contact Lenses: Are They Safe?

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A woman holds a coloured contact lens on her index finger before placing it in her eye.

Contact lens technology has advanced significantly over the years, enabling users with various eye conditions to enjoy the benefits of wearing contact lenses. The introduction of colour contact lenses has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities.

Colour contacts are a fun way to switch up your eye colour for a special occasion or can even be worn daily. However, with anything that alters vision, you need to make sure the lenses are safe. When fitted and dispensed by your eye care team, colour contact lenses can be safe for your eyes and vision. All contacts heighten your risk of infection and other complications, so it’s best to follow your optometrist’s directions for hygiene and care.

Types of Colour Contacts

There are different types of colour contacts to choose from.

Visibility Tint

Visibility tint contacts are designed to make it easier to find the lens. They have a light blue or green colour tint that doesn’t change or enhance eye colour. Visibility tints are perfect for first-time contact lens users and people always on the go.

Enhancement Tint

Enhancement tint lenses are perfect for those seeking to enhance their natural eye colour. These lenses brighten your natural eye colour without changing its shade altogether. They’re recommended for people with lighter eye colours who want to help their eyes pop.

Opaque Colour Lenses

Opaque contact lenses are for those who wish to completely change their eye colour. They come in various colours, like amethyst, violet, emerald, and rich dark shades. People with dark eyes may have to try a few different ones to see which will work best.

Theatrical Lenses

These specialty lenses are opaque and designed to completely transform your natural eye colour. They alter the eyes’ pattern, shape, and pupil size and are ideal for special occasions like Halloween parties, cosplay events, and themed events.

Theatrical contacts come in various designs and colours, such as cat eyes, spiral eyes, and vampire eyes. If you’re using these lenses, always talk to your optometrist to learn how to use them safely.

A pair of blue-coloured contact lenses sitting next to a contact lens case.

Colour Contact Lens Safety

To maintain healthy eyes, follow the safety practices set out by your optometrist and the manufacturer.

Get a Prescription & Fitting

Like prescription contacts, colour contact lenses are medical devices requiring proper fitting and a valid prescription. A prescription and fitting help you achieve vision correction, promote safety, and prevent potential eye infections. It is illegal to sell colour contacts without a proper fitting or prescription.

Don’t Wear Inauthentic Colour Contact Lenses

Some colour contact lenses are made from cheap materials and may be poorly produced, which can cause potential complications, such as:

It’s crucial to purchase lenses from a reputable source because ones bought online or at a costume store may not adhere to the same safety standards as those approved by regulators and your eye doctor’s office.

Know the Risks

Colour contacts elevate your risk of developing a corneal abrasion. A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the cornea, which can be uncomfortable and painful. You can get a corneal abrasion from ill-fitting contacts or contacts that are too tight.

Another thing to be aware of is that colour contacts can prevent oxygen from reaching your eyes, leading to corneal neovascularization. This condition occurs when new blood vessels start to grow on the cornea, causing to:

  • Eye pain
  • Redness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Irritation when wearing contact lenses

Follow Proper Contact Lens Hygiene

Remember that colour contacts are medical devices, so you should follow the same guidelines as prescription contact lenses. This includes:

  • Proper cleaning and storage
  • Removing contact lenses before bed or swimming
  • Following the recommended wearing time and replacement schedule

 Failure to follow these guidelines may increase your risk of eye infections and other complications.

Visit York Mills Eye Care for a Contact Lens Fitting

Whether you want a pair of colour contacts to experiment with or simply need vision correction, it all begins with a contact lens exam and fitting. Visit York Mills Eye Care to get the right fit, explore popular brands and contact lens styles, and learn how to care for your contact lenses.

By being proactive about your eye health and following proper guidelines, you can enjoy colour contact lenses safely and happily.

Written by York Mills Eye Care

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