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Cataract Surgery Correlates to Longer Life

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Believe it or not, women have a higher risk of getting cataracts than men.

A study shows women who have had their cataracts removed benefit not only from improved vision, but also longer life. They had a lower chance of dying early – for any reason!

One of the scariest senses to lose is your sense of sight.

Cataract surgery not only removes the cataract, but also improves your sense of sight, colour perception as well as the appearance of your wrinkles when you first look into the mirror!

When you take out the cataract, you are removing the natural tissue, or lens, and then replacing it with an artificial implant to refocus the light onto the retina. It’s that implant that helps you see better.

Technologically advanced implants can correct astigmatism as well as reduce your dependency on reading glasses. Yes, multifocal implants are now better than ever and work like your progressive eyeglasses.

When your quality of life is affected by cataracts, they are ripe for removal. Allow me to refer you to one of the top Ophthalmologists in the GTA to give you new eyes.

Written by Dr. Vagners

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